Experience some of your favorite films in a whole new way starting October 3, only at New Season Church and New Season Online.


Covid 19/the pandemic has certainly impacted every part of our lives. One activity that was lost has been going to the movies.

Grabbing your Coke and popcorn and watching a great movie is a family tradition! So at New Season Church, we are “going back to the movies.”

Each Sunday in October, we will bring the movies to church with applicable clips, incredible creative elements…and popcorn!

Get ready for this blockbuster series in October!
During Back To The Movies, we will use some of our favorite films to illustrate biblical truths. But we won't stop there!  We will transform our foyer and hallways (it's like walking through a movie set!), make tons of popcorn, and invite as many people as possible to join the fun! 

The Fine Print:  **Due to copyright law we cannot show movie clips online, therefore during the clips we will display a copyright message.  For a full and complete experience join us on campus.**