Treasure Hunt and Bible Reading

Pastor Steve will begin a new 8-week series September 22 called Solomon’s Mines – Searching For Hidden Treasure.  Along with this great series, we are doing a Treasure Hunt complete with daily Bible reading and a chance to win an awesome prize at the end. 

Here’s how it will work... Starting on Monday morning, Sept. 30, the entire church will receive an email giving the format and a clue to the answer of the week’s hidden treasure.  That email will also contain info on where clues will be delivered.  Clues will come through various outlets including our website, social media, the NSC app, emails, announcements, Sunday on stage, our bulletin and more.  We will send the clues each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  The clues will lead you to the answer that relates to Sunday’s message. 

Once you feel you have the correct answer, you will go online to www.newseason.cc/treasurehunt and submit your answer.  All answers must be in by 11:30pm on that Sunday night. 

As part of the treasure hunt, we want you to read along in the book of Proverbs each week.

(There are 31 days in October and 31 Proverbs so, one a day beginning Oct. 1st). Each Monday, we will send an email reminder telling you which Proverb you will need to read. The daily reading will also be found on the NSC app. Part of the treasure hunt will be answering a question that pertains to the daily reading. A complete weekly submission will include an answer to the riddles and the daily reading question.

Here’s what you can do NOW to make sure you’re ready for the Treasure Hunt!

1.  Go to our website, navigate to the bottom and click on Online Community Login. 

If you have a login, you are set.  Login and check your email address.  If you do not yet have a login, click “Request Account” and fill the form out.  We will get you set up with our online community where you can do some really cool things.  Check it out!

2.  Go download our APP if you have not done so yet. 

Visit www.newseason.cc/app to download the app to your phone.

3.  Get ready to play along and have a ton of fun with this interactive game with the church.